Inside Taj Mahal

World wide people know Taj Mahal is a great elegant mausoleum that is constructed by Shah Janha.It is a great masterpiece work of Mughal architecture and lots of skilled artisan were contribute his effort to make wonderful monument. We know Taj Mahal looking from outside is marvelous but it is also looking wonderful from inside.

Placed at elevation of 900 ft (approx 275 m) from the main entrance, from the main entry you see the red sandstone tomb on the one side and the amazing white sandstone burial chamber standing tall at the center along with the four minarets at the each side. The complete construction of Taj is placed on a four-sided figure stage completed of red sand stone that has an elevation of 200ft. The four minarets have a tallness of 138 ft and are peaked with eight windowed dome giving the construction an splendid look that flounce the visitors from their own feets.The Taj Mahal center area is octagonal and there four octagonal rooms and its height are 80' from the first ceiling. All four rooms are well connected to each other to main gateway.

Taj Mahal Interior

Taj Mahal, Interior

The insides of Taj Mahal, with basic beautiful calligraphy work is in Persian, the large white marble construction that stands on the square stand consists of a balanced building with an arch shaped front entrance known as Iwan, which is decorated with superb script. Another extraordinary characteristic that environs the cenotaphs of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan in the central hall is the intricately carved sandstone screen or made as a transparent net and is a pleasure to look at each other easily without any obstacle.

The burial chamber is situated underneath the central chamber and consists of the tangible graves of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan enclosed by two cenotaphs. and since the Muslim tradition forbids intricate beautification of graves, these cenotaphs have dissimilar motifs in their adornment. The true cenotaph of Mumtaz Mahal has nearly undecorated podium and is carved with passages from the Holy Quran, promising God's pity and exoneration.