Minarets of the Taj Mahal

The minarets is one of the construction made near the north end of multipart minarets are long towers situated subsequently to the mosque and they are placed each corner of the tomb building, height of each minarets is 40 meter. Muslims are called there for prayers and reaching there through staircase. They were made at the same height crypt and far from the plinth so that if misshapen wouldn't damaged tomb.

Taj Mahal, Agra

Taj Mahal, Agra

The arrangement of minarets is so unique that enhance the beauty of tomb. The ottoman sultans mosque were also bounded by minarets and telling the mosque rank. The mosques of the Ottoman sultans were enclosed by minarets and the numbers of minarets were telling the class of the mosque. However, the minarets of the Taj Mahal is looking fabulous than other minarets due to its unique decoration.

The top roofs of the minarets are covered by a chhatris with multi-cusped arches stands on an octagonal raised area of red sandstone tomb. Chhatris was showed the pride and honor of the Indian architecture at that period. The three balconies are reached by the rectangular doors are the main gateways are surrounded with grilled windows are projected for the light. The minarets are not easy to get to for the visitors.

The classic minaret constructed in eight-sided base and its cylindrical shaped body is unclosed with an eight sided open terrace. This terrace is actually used for the wonderful sight of the garden of the Taj mahal, but it is only for the emperor not for the visitors, with some general guidelines follow for the visitors to access from the ground floor of the building. Terrace of main minarets developed in chevron design based on geometrical model, which decorated with the fabulous band of marble. This type of minarets was built between in 1604 to 1614 at Sikandra is well known as tomb of Akbar.