Taj Mahal Calligraphy

It is the finest art work of Islamic and Arabic calligraphy and script found on walls of taj mahal in Mughal era created by the skillful artisan. This is the great example of magnificent design .It consists of verses and quotations taking from Quran.It had great importance on that time because it was lettering the name of god(Allah) and other divine words also.

Calligraphy, Taj Mahal

Calligraphy, Taj Mahal

Amant Khan who was one of the famous calligrapher on that era, and he used visual trick to insert the Quranic script on the wall of Taj mahal. The calligraphic letters are not in equal shape, but they look same. Step by step the calligraphic scripts are become big and they look erect on top of any arch. The calligraphic letters match up to precise in iconographic plan.

Amanat Khan had marked calligraphic script on the left side of the Taj mahal entrance gate. His status was proved by his signature that was signed twice with date are (1638 or 1639) which showed whole calligraphy on the monuments in Agra region completed during that period. The calligraphy According to the calligraphic stanza Mumtaj Mahal (was known as Arjumand Bano Begum) was buried on a tombstone before 36 years before the Shan Janha death. One slate was kept on the tombstone, Through the Islamic tradition husband write his wish and wife fulfill life beyond. All around the monument, on the wall the 99 names of Allah enclose the strength of the spirit with a divine radiance.

There are a large number of artists and architects worked on that projects but no one got achievement because patron took credit for that work. This was happened because small artists had no right to write their names on he wall of the taj mahal only chief name was written on that wall.