Taj Mahal Main Gateway

The elegant gateway of the Taj Mahal is unique creation from Mughal architect at that period. Its 100 feet high and is built in red sandstone and cited by Islamic calligraphy (Mixture of Iranian and Persian art) that is enhance prettiness of Taj. This elegant gateway has three gates which is expresses different story.

Main Gateway, Taj Mahal

Main Gateway, Taj Mahal

The Southern Gate :

The Southern Gate is located in the southern part of the taj mahal and it's towards to old Mumtazabad (Modern Taj Ganj). The design of the southern gate tomb is octagonal and its dome is looks like turnip shape. It is mainly used for the pedestrians and their heights are 156 feet and it is also built in red sandstone. On the right side of this gate is a Tomb of red stone which is enclosed by courtyards and crowded with a ground. It is said that this is a severe of one lady friend of Mumtaj Mahal. This building is also known as a Tomb of a Maid of Honour.

The Eastern Gate :

This Easter gate situated towards Fatehabad. There is a domed tomb was constructed by Shan Janha for another wife Sirhindi Begum, so this gate is also known as a Sirhi Darwaza. The main building is eight sided including huge hall and big Verandah.

The Western Gate :

The Western Gate of taj Mahal height is 130 feet and it is place for prayer.Approx 200 persons perform pray in prayer time. The western gate is located towards in Agra city. This is also constructing by red sandstone material, it is also have good porce that is showed good example of Mughal architecture at that time. This gate was built for Shah Janha another wife Fatehpur Begum, so this gate is known as a 'Fatehpur Begum'.