Taj Mahal Legends

One of the most striking symbols of everlasting love, the Taj Mahal at a stand still makes tourists drop their orifice to the ground by its absolute beauty and loving mysticism. Sience the testament is famous all through the globe, there are various folklore related to Taj Mahal of Agra. Most of these myths are baseless and are based on folklores as told by the locals. In order to make out extra regarding this fascinating and captivating folklore, make sure our correlated sections that are keen to Taj Mahal legends.

Black Taj Mahal

Shahjahan hunted to construct one more Taj mahal but he is dropped the plan of black taj mahal due to his son Aurengjeb. I surprise if black Taj Mahal would have been constructing, things could have been really different and would have exposed buried myths. It is said that this tombstone was supposed to be Shah India is a territory of mystic and exciting beliefs and practices. This antique nation abounds Jahan's tomb.

Role of Italian Craftsman

Masses believe the architect of Taj Mahal was an Italian by means of the name of Geronimo Veroneo Taj Mahal reflects lots of facets of the Italian architecture. We can nor forget Iranian artisan who is constructed Pietra Dura(called parchin kari in South Asia) of taj Mahal and also managed 22000 thousand workers who is contributed in making of elegant Tomb.

Taj Mahal Mutilation

Many terrifying legends related with the Taj Mahal are the myth of the Taj Mahal defacement. There are a number of fierce tales associated with the mutilation of the Taj Mahal craftsmen.

Tumbling & Sinking Taj Mahal

Lots of thing related to tumbling of taj mahal that consider taj mahal in seven wonder of world.Rajput Palaces. One of the thing capture attention of historians and people .Nearby attraction inside taj Mahal. Few years ago rumors about Taj Mahal is sinking feelings due to yamuna river going continuously dry and lots of archeologist, activists predict and fear regarding taj Mahal sinking, Taj Mahal foundation is based on solid lay of wood.

Taj Mahal Rajput Palace Legend

One of the most disputed arguments about Taj Mahal in contemporary incident is unquestionably, "Was Taj Mahal a Rajput Palace?" Although there's no strong proof that can prove that Taj Mahal Rajput palace legend, several archeologists, activists declare that it had been actually a Rajput Palace which was built prolonged before Shah Jahan came within the prospect.

Taj Mahal Hindu Temple Myth

According to the Hindu myth one of the most controversial questions eternally asked about the realism of the Taj Mahal, "Was Taj Mahal a Hindu temple. Lots of Historian said from all over the world Taj Mahal is a Shiva Hindu Temple, called "Tejo Mahalaya".