Water Devices at Taj Mahal

A great water device is present at taj mahal.Greenish garden surround from the main entrance to the end of taj mahal. The splendid work was done by great architect who make the water device for Taj Mahal complex. The water came from Yamuna River through number of under ground pipes. The water system for the Taj Mahal gardens was not failed during the period from start to till date.

Taj Mahal, Agra

Taj Mahal, Agra

The finest architects designed water devices at the Taj Mahal in a very consistent manner. The water for Taj Mahal was drawn from the river and came from a number of underground pipes. They used purs for drawing water from the river and this water is transfer into huge storage tank. Storage tank water was pump by purs and transfers into another storage tank through the underground water channels. After that tank water was impel through another purs and transfer into storage tank through underground channel from copper pipes.

To make sure consistent and unstoppable water supply in the fountains with a help of copper pot that is well interconnected to each fountain pipe. The water supply came first from huge storage tank into the pot and consistent supply into the fountains. The underground water goes into the fountains through earthenware pipes that are interconnected to the water tank. There are three canals used for the water supply, one of them is western canal which is connected to the main pipe and two of them North-South canals and East-West canals are used for inlets the fountains.

The green cypress trees have own effects at the taj mahal sight. Its slim and curving shape are imaged in the water while the colored reflection bright the beauty of undying Taj Mahal. This type of water device design is not found any where of the world except taj mahal monument.